Behavioral patterns and schools

Few days ago, i've held a presentation about four/five schools of testing.
During the preparation of that presentation (I guess I like hip-hop) a light bulb above my head started to flicker.
(it flickers very often and I never see it go on. Maybe because we can not see the light but merley reflection of if?)

I was trying to link the development of software testing schools (of thought) with the software development behavioral patterns described by G.M. Weinberg in his Quality Software Management Series (Vol.1. Systems Thinking)

Are we, software testers, developing our our behavioral patterns in testing just as mr. Weinberg describes them for general software development?
(Is this the right question to ask?)

What is the co-relation between the software development behavioral models and software testing schools?
How does one influence the other?

How far can I, as a tester, by just changing the testing school, influence the software development behavioral model?

if testing == (re)search for quality information
if quality == value for someone
information == communication == feedback
testing == (re)search for value for someone communication(feedback).

Jump to the conclusion:
"Testing is communication about the value of something to someone based on (re)search."

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